The Battle of Hylia – An Announcement

Ok, project undertaking. I’m making a little Zelda fan-game using Gamemaker. The Battle of Hylia (name pending). Basically it’s a Fire Emblem-style turn based strategy game that takes place during the Ancient Battle in the Golden Era of the Goddess Hylia before the events of LOZ: Skyward Sword. I’ve done a preliminary (and I’m talking earliest earlier early) test on just moving and whatnot because I’m not terribly experienced with game development. However, I have done plenty of sprites in the past couple of days and I’m feeling pretty chuffed about them. So far I’ve done Battle and Map sprites for Link so that’s cool. I’m popping them up on deviantArt (If you don’t know what deviantArt is, it’s basically a massive art website, check it out) soon, on a new deviantArt account. For about 4 years I’ve had a deviantArt account that I haven’t touched for the past year or so because of connection problems and it was a username that I feel like I’ve out grown so I made a new account… EnDabuwya. So now you can find me at for all my “artistic endeavours”.

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