Weekly Magic Decks – Modern Masters

Back in the saddle. After a few short hiati, I’m back to bringing you Magic Decklists every week. This week, to celebrate the release of Modern Masters, I’ve made 5 Modern decks; a Mono White Equipment Deck, a Rainbow Deck built around low cost “suspend” deck, a Mono Blue Control Deck built around gaining control of opponents cards and countering spells, a White-Black-Green Tribal Treefolk Deck, and a Black-Green Graveyard-based deck.

As always, let me know how I can improve the decks and have fun playing Magic.

Modern - Aged Aparati

Aged Aparati

bit.ly/mmmwe1 bit.ly/mtgmmwe2

Modern - Low-End Suspension

Low-End Suspension

bit.ly/mmmles1 bit.ly/mmmles2

Modern - Contemporary Timeshift

Contemporary Timeshift

bit.ly/mmmuc1 bit.ly/mmmuc2

Modern - The Walking Forest

The Walking Forest

bit.ly/mmmwbgtt1 bit.ly/mmmwbgtt2

Modern - Grim Feast

Grim Feast

bit.ly/mmmbgg1 bit.ly/mmmbgg2

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