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The Battle of Hylia – An Announcement

Ok, project undertaking. I’m making a little Zelda fan-game using Gamemaker. The Battle of Hylia (name pending). Basically it’s a Fire Emblem-style turn based strategy game that takes place during the Ancient Battle in the Golden Era of the Goddess … Continue reading

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Youtube Delayed (NOT GIVING UP!!!)

Ok, my Youtube channel is being delayed due to a shortage on funds. However, I’m not giving up this time, I’m actually saving money (slowly but surely) so I can actually build the computer I need. Right now I’m working … Continue reading

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Runescape Daily Challenges (Massive Face-palm)

Well I feel like a massive idiot. I probably should have done a bit more research on the topic before creating a Facebook page based around it. Turns out that daily challenges are actually personally generated and are different from … Continue reading

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New Facebook Page – Runescape Daily Challenges

So, if you’re a member on Runescape you’ve probably become aware of the fairly recent addition of Daily Challenges. This Facebook Page is dedicated to providing daily solutions for these daily challenges. You can check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Runescape-Daily-Challenges/553413464673583?ref=hl

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