LOZCraft – Zelda Themed Minecraft Texture Pack

LOZCraft is my Minecraft Texture Pack, themed after and either extracted straight from, or altered from The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. Multiple Game Specific Variations are planned, though the current version is much more general. This page will be consistently updated along with the texture pack. Currently there are two variants of LOZCraft, one for Vanilla and all of the ‘Minor’ Mods listed below, and a version that is compatible with Tekkit. It’s a work in progress, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s going so far. The reason it needs a separate download is because since it is 1.2.5, it has the old creative inventory GUI. Both of these variants can be download at my Minecraft Forum Page.

EDIT: Ok, update, LOZCraft currently doesn’t have any native mod support, but soon I’ll be adding some basic native support and be making packed patches, so look forward to it. (The Tekkit version is still available on the Minecraft Forums, but will end up being a patch once I get things figured out)

LOZCraft is compatible with a lot of mods, here they are:

[Major Mods]

Tekkit (WIP)

Better Than Wolves (WIP)


Risugami’s Mods

Wouto1997’s Translucent Glass Mod


Mightypork’s Backpack, and Smoking Chimney Mods

LawyerOfChaos’s Omega Tools Mod

IronClade49ers’s Sponges Mod

pitman-87’s Blast Glove Mod

akitten12’s More Apples Mod

dutchyblade’s Pepper and Salt Mod

Ratchetar’s Crystal Katana Monkey Mod

Mino8423’s MORE TOOLS Mod

Lordmau5’s Nether Ores Mod

wuppy21’s Peaceful Pack


DeX_ECHO’s Obsidian Tools and Lava Tools Mods


TightMrKI113r’s Magical Staffs Mod


MrDragon1202’s Obsidian Tools Mod

Necromanic’s Flowercraft Mod

MrCrayfish’s Mods

Telheo’s More Glows Mod

DXBlade’s Rare Gem Mod Pack


Necromanic’s Stained Glass Mod

Here are some screenshots

Display Image

Tekkit Display Image

What do I have left to do?


Redstone Repeater, Minecart, Chest Minecart, Furnace Minecart, Brewing Stand


Book, Trading

Textures (terrain.png):

Tripwire Hook


Background (I’m thinking of doing some sort of recognisable Minish Cap Landmark or something, I dunno)


Blaze, Enderdragon, All Villagers, Creeper, Enderman, Zombie Pigman, Pig, Sheep, Silverfish, Snow Golem, Squid, Wolf, Zombie


Minecart, Enderchest


All done


All done


dial, explosion, possibly foliage/water colour schemes, other stuff, I dunno (not map background, map icon, end portal, pumpkin vignette, or water overlay)


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