Weekly Magic Decklists – Standard

This week’s decks have come in a bit late, I know, I’ve been quite busy with a musical I’m in, which is coming up really soon so I’ve been busy with full-day rehearsals. This week’s decks are also in Standard format. Not really going to give much of a description, there’s a WU Weeny-Control Deck, BR Punishment Deck, RG Big Aggro Werewolf Deck, Massive Rainbow specific-conditions Deck, and a Rainbow +1/+1 counter Deck.

Subjects of Avacyn

bit.ly/mswuweenyctrl1 bit.ly/mswuweenyctrl2

Falkenrath Blood Feast

bit.ly/msbpunish1 bit.ly/msbpunish2

Call of the Moon

bit.ly/msrgww1 bit.ly/msrgww2

Methodic Alternation

bit.ly/mswubrgma1 bit.ly/mswubrgma2

Scoping Evolution

bit.ly/mswubrg111 bit.ly/mswubrg112

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