Welcome. My name is Nicholas Watson, Nick for short, and I created this blog in my teenage years for reasons of showing my friends, and anyone else who was interested, the intellectual and artistic content I created based on my hobbies at the time. The name “En Dabuwya” is what my friends in high school used to call me, a slurred pronunciation of my initials “NW” that I then took upon myself to transliterate.

I’ve reached a point in my life that I’d like to start blogging about my interests, travels, and musings for the potential enjoyment of anyone that might read it. So if you see anything that may interest you, please browse the site at your leisure and feel free to interact with me through the site’s comments section, through my Facebook page at facebook.com/endabuwya or email me at en.dabuwya@gmail.com

For more on me and my background, read below.

My name is Nicholas Kevin Watson. I am a cisgendered male man from Newcastle, Australia. I am passionate about new technologies, philosophy, and having new and exciting experiences. However, I tend to find some rhyme or reason to be interested about any particular field or topic given the right catalyst. I currently identify as Pansexual and Polyamorous, and I believe that my theistic beliefs fall under the concept of Pantheism.

I am currently studying at the University of Newcastle (not to be confused with Newcastle University in the UK), doing a bridging course called “Newstep” with the intention of entering a double Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering degree (though, I’m not entirely decided on that). I’d like to spend my life innovating; creating machines that better people’s lives, whether on a “base need” level or as a “creature comfort”.

More on me to come…


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