My Decks

Here’s a list of my own decks that I’ve uploaded so far.

Guilds of Ravnica

Selesnya: Conclave Stampede

GW Deck based heavily around token growth

Boros: Legion Assault

WR Deck based heavily around Creature Numbers and the Battalion mechanic

Dimir: Stolen Secrets

UB Deck based heavily around Milling and the Cipher mechanic

M13 Additionals

Sole Domination

Sole Domination

WB Deck based heavily around the Exalted mechanic

Fierce Pelt

Fierce Pelt

GB Deck based around Creatures and brute force in numbers

Performing Repetitions

Performing Repetitions

GW Deck based almost entirely around Creature Numbers, only non-Creature spells being used to get more Creatures

The Mouldy Goblin

GR Deck based around massive token growth and encompassing buffs

The Mouldy Goblin

Other Decks

Alternative Methods

Alternative Methods

GUB Deck based around winning in non-typical ways

Heavenly Judgement

Heavenly Judgement

W Deck composed almost entirely of Angels


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