Return to Ravnica Decks

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Here are the Intro Decks and Event decks for Return to Ravnica, to return to the Deck Directory, click here. There are 2 links for each deck, the first is a full-screen add that you can skip in 5 seconds. If for some reason the first link won’t work, the second link is a quick banner advertisement that just shows on top of the page. They both go to the same page but the first link gives me about a 1/3 of a cent whereas the second gives me about a 1/10 of a cent. All it costs you is but an instant of your time.

Intro Decks

Azorius Advance                    Izzet Ingenuity

Rakdos Raid                         Golgari Growth

Selesnya Surge

Event Decks


Golgari: Creep and Conquer         Rakdos: Wrack and Rage


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