Magic: The Gathering Online Decks

These Decks are for use on where you can organise trades, keep track of your cards, and play with any card you want with pretty much every TCG under the sun. If/when you sign up, if you could put my username (en_dabuwya) into the referrer section, it would be much appreciated. So far I’ve created all the intro and event decks in Gatecrash and Return to Ravnica, I’m just going to continue moving backwards through the expansions and core sets. Of course when a new expansion/core set comes out, I’ll be putting together the pre-made decks for them immediately. Check back every Monday for each set.

At the moment I’m only doing official decks, but in the future I’ll be doing my own. For now, just click on the symbols to head to the page for each expansion/core set.

Return to Ravnica Block





Core Sets



Duel Decks



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