Weekly Magic Decklists – Extended

This week’s decks are some Extended decks with a fair amount of Artefacts in them (well, Scars block…).

First of all is Myrian Contraptiousness (inventive aren’t I), a loosely mono-white Myr deck with two strategic bases, one more prominent than the other: Getting many Myrs out, and buffing them up with Equipment.

Next we have an almost completely colourless Eldrazi deck which focuses on the 3 big dudes and either mana ramping the place to get them out, or hopefully moving them to the graveyard in order to pop them out with something like Defy Death or Marshal’s Anthem.

I’ve always been a bit unsure about Ally cards, stumbling upon them every now and then so I decided since I was doing Extended this week, I’d give ’em a shot. Forged Alliance tends to focus on +1/+1 counters a bit more than the other effects, but shares it equally with awesome stuff like Agadeem Occultist’s terrific control and Seascape Aeralist’s encompassing effects. Of course since removal and destruction would ruin the symbiotic nature of the deck, I’ve tossed in a fair few recovery cards as well.

I’ve always struggled to develop stuff apart from aggro decks, and this is no exception (didn’t expect that now did ya?). Chandra’s Awakening is possibly the most aggro deck I’ve made, combining hasty Creatures and plenty of Burn to take down the opponent as soon as possible.

After reading the Gatherer rulings of Myr Propagator, I got a bit excited about the concept of propagating creatures more powerful than its original form. This led me to build a clone deck, where unfortunately there isn’t much to be done for in Extended apart from Quicksilver Gargantuan, but if I were to hit Vintage with it, ooh, the damage that could be done with a well placed Vesuvan Doppleganger along with Myr Propagator, Propagating an ever-shifting clone army that can overcome pretty much anything.

You’ll notice that the Sideboards are rather diminished, this is partially because I was a bit lazy, but also had something to do with the new rulings for M14, Sideboards can now be any size between 0 and 15, not just 0 or 15. On another note, I’m thinking of doing some Planechase decks next week or possibly the week after, I’ve been playing a fair bit of Planechase lately. Anyway…

As always, let me know how I can improve the decks and have fun playing magic.

Extended - Mono White Myr

Myrian Contraptiousness

bit.ly/mewmyr1 bit.ly/mewmyr2

Extended - Colourless Eldrazi

The Might of the Three

bit.ly/meceldrazi1 bit.ly/meceldrazi2

Extended - WUB Ally

Forged Alliance

bit.ly/mewubally1 bit.ly/mewubally2

Extended - Chandra's Awakening

Chandra’s Awakening

bit.ly/meraggro1 bit.ly/meraggro2

Extended - Dopplegang


bit.ly/meuclone1 bit.ly/meuclone2

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