Magic Monday – More Dragon’s Maze Standard Decks

This week’s decks are some more Standard decks that make use of Dragon’s Maze Cards, now starting to use Sideboards to further strategy a bit. I’m considering changing the day of the decks to Fridays, because, as you know, that’s Friday Night Magic in many parts of the world, and I also want to start posting some Minecraft stuff (texture pack and skin stuff) again, and the alliteration “Minecraft Mondays” works and so does Friday Night Magic (decks), but I can’t really think of anything fancy to go with Minecraft. This could just be me over thinking everything, but you never know. Anyway…

As always, let me know how I can improve the decks and have fun playing Magic.

 Standard - Violent Succession of Rot

Violent Succession of Rot

 Standard - March of the Legion

March of the Legion

 Standard - Repressive Decree

Repressive Decree

Standard - Vampiric Tithes

Vampiric Tithes

Standard - Aethermill


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