Aurelia, the Warleader Commander Deck

Today’s Daily deck is a bit different from normal. I’ve decided to start making some Commander decks because, well, I want to play Commander with someone (my brother’s volunteered), so I’m making a bunch of Commander decks. I’m going to build one based around each of the Ravnica guilds and since almost all cards are legal in Commander, that means that cards can be used from the original Ravnica block as well. Tomorrow I’ll be putting together a Commander deck based around Krenko, Mob Boss for my brother since he loves Krenko and whatnot followed by one for each of the Legendary Creatures for each Guild in the Return to Ravnica block.

Commander is a format of play in which each player has a “Commander” and 99 cards in their deck (normally players may not have a sideboard), the deck may contain only 1 copy of a card except for Basic Lands. The Commander must be a Legendary Creature and is removed from your deck to the “Command Zone” at the beginning of the game. Whilst in the Command Zone, your Commander may be played for its mana cost +2 for each time it has been previously played during the game (if it ends up in your hand, you may play it as normal regardless). If at any point your Commander goes to the graveyard for any reason, it returns to your Command Zone. The colour identity of any card in your deck must be a subset of your Commander’s colour identity.

You can find additional information on Commander here.

As always, leave me a comment letting me know how I can improve the deck or if you have any questions, and have fun playing Magic.

Commander - Aurelia

Aurelia, the Warleader Commander Deck

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