Wild Rush Magic 2013 Intro Deck

Today’s Daily Deck is the Wild Rush intro deck from M13. Wild Rush is a Green/Black deck based on Creature Power and Removal, keeping your opponents back whilst you can pummle them with your high-power creatures. It is a fairly green-dominated deck, taking up all of the creatures and taking up 2/3 of the mana resources. The Legendary in the deck, Yeva, is there to allow you to pop out your massive blockers out just at the last minute if needed.

Wild Rush

bit.ly/m13gbid1 bit.ly/m13gbid2

Now for my take on Wild Rush, Fierce Pelt. First of all, as I do with all of my online decks, I added both the Shock and Native lands for the colours of the deck as well as evening the mana out a bit. I decided to keep the mono-green creature theme (but made my own additions), so there is a little bit more green mana than black. Fierce Pelt is focused very much on powerful creatures in numbers, with a few Thragtusks and Garruk, Primal Hunter thrown in the mix for numbers and a couple of Primordial Hydras for some real power. Combining these two themes is encompassing buffs such as Wild Beastmaster (a couple of Rings of Kalonia for her) and Predatory Rampage. As for removal, this has been half replaced with a bit of weakness, but not just in all the black spells, also Silklash Spider who can remove any irritating flyers from the field. Oh, and I also chucked in a couple of Arbor Elves to even out all the high-cost creatures. Enjoy.

Fierce Pelt

Fierce Pelt

bit.ly/m13mybg1 bit.ly/m13mygb2

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