Sorin vs. Tibalt Duel Decks

For Magic Monday today, I’m bringing you the new Sorin vs. Tibalt Duel Decks.First, a little history lesson on our two Planeswalkers.

Sorin Markov is the second Vampire of Innistrad, created by his Grandfather, Edgar Markov, who thousands of years ago, made a deal with the demon Shilgengar to grant him the secrets of Sangromancer, or blood magic. After performing Edgar’s blood ritual, the power of his new Vampirism ignited Sorin’s Planeswalker spark.

Tibalt is a different story. Tibalt was a less-than-average apprentice Necromancer in Nephalia, after a growing hatred and frustration, he turned his talents to the pain thresholds of living creatures. After a long time of slowly increasing the size of his subjects, which inevitably led to the interest of devils who eventually began to share their sadistic secrets with him. Eventually Tibalt found himself persecuted and unleashed a hateful spell which fused his essence with that of the surrounding devils and struck him with all the suffering he’d ever inflicted. The shock and trauma of this backlash ignited Tibalt’s Planeswalker spark.

Sorin Duel Deck

Sorin Duel Deck

Tibalt Duel Deck

Tibalt Event Deck

I hope you like the new duel decks, I certainly plan on using them, enjoy.

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