Dimir Dementia chop-and-change

The House of Dimir are a bunch of sneaky bastards who do all the back-end blackmarket dealings and services in Ravnica, most of their employees don’t even know that they’re working for them and also very VERY few know the location of the base of operations for the guild. The intro deck for the Dimir, Dimir Dementia, uses the fairly new mechanic, colloquially called milling, in a variety of ways with a bit of scarcity amongst its card numbers. My Dimir deck is based mostly on using ciphered abilities to mill and control opponents a bit whilst still remaining a good grip on your power threshold. Soon I’ll be putting all of my decks together on the decks page.

As always, leave me a comment letting me know how I can improve the deck and have fun.

Dimir: Stolen Secrets

bit.ly/mgcmyub1 bit.ly/mgcmyub2

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