Boros Battalion chop-and-change

So I told you guys that I’d give you some of my takes on the intro decks I’ve already uploaded this weekend, and here it is at almost 12:00 at night (I’m not going to write a review of the original deck at this point since it’s so late). This is my take on the Boros Battalion Intro Deck (or you could just say that it’s my Boros deck…). Boros: Legion Assault is a bit of a mana curver, starting with quite a fair few low-mana cost creatures and tonnes of low cost buffs. This is balanced by creatures like Sunhome Guildmage and Truefire Paladin that allow you to use up that spare mana to keep chipping away at your opponent whilst you build up your mana base for either or both of the great big Legendary Angels, Aurealia and Gisela who you can absolutely obliterate your opponent with once you’ve got enough mana to cast them.

As always, let me know how I can improve the deck and have fun.

Boros: Legion Assault

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