Magic 2013 Sole Domination Intro Deck

Today’s daily deck is the Black/White Intro Deck from M13, Sole Domination. Sole Domination is based heavily around the exalted mechanic, and surprisingly has Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis (Grixis being Black/Blue/Red from Shards of Alara) mixed with White…

Sole Domination

And here’s my spin on it that I chucked together in a really short frame of time, but I am getting better at chucking decks together in shorter frames of time. My deck focuses a lot more on the Exalted mechanic and I didn’t do much R&D so let me know how it could fair better. And yes, the name was just because I was being lazy so here you go.

Sole Domination

Soul Domination

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