Magic 2013 Mob Rule Intro Deck

Today’s daily deck is the Red and Green “Mob Rule” Intro Deck from Magic 2013. Mob Rule is an aggro deck semi-based around the concept of a large horde of goblins and burn spells to keep your opponent from being able to build up any kind of control base.

Mob Rule

The deck is based around the goblin hordes of Ravnica, led by their mob boss, Krenko. Krenko himself is the linchpin of the deck, enabling you to double your goblin army every turn, with key goblin characters that we’ll be keeping with our first adjustment deck (I’ve actually got 2 options as my brother originally built a mono-red out of this and I recently built him a red-green deck, they’re both in the Extended format, so no competitive tournament play. I’m not going to go through the changes step by step, just list the two decks and their contents. Also, both of these decks are available for online play at aswell).

The Hasty Goblin

The Hasty Goblin

23 x Mountain                     | 1 x Reliquary Tower

4 x Arms Dealer                  | 4 x Goblin Arsonist

1 x Hellraiser Goblin             | 4 x Krenko Mob Boss

4 x Mogg Flunkies                 | 3 x Burn at the Stake

4 x Goblin Grenade       | 4 x Goblin Rally

4 x Krenko’s Command | 3 x Massive Raid

4 x Searing Spear

The Mouldy Goblin

The Mouldy Goblin

4 x Mountain                 | 4 x Forest

4 x Copperline Gorge                        | 4 x Stomping Ground

3 x Champion of Lambholt          | 4 x Rootbound Crag

2 x Foundry Street Denizen         | 3 x Goblin Arsonist

3 x Krenko, Mob Boss                  | 2 x Legion Loyalist

2 x Beastmaster Ascension   | 2 x Battle Hymn

2 x Canopy Cover         | 1 x Fervor

2 x Five-Fire Alarm                       | 4 x Goblin Grenade

4 x Krenko’s Command         | 4 x Goblin Rally

2 x Overwhelming Stampede | 3 x Massive Raid

2 x Quest for the Goblin Lord | 2 x Parallel Lives

2 x Rancor


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