Magic 2013 Path to Victory Intro Deck

Ok, starting today I’m gonna be bringing you a daily magic deck. As you might have guessed, it’s going to basically be a review of an official premade deck as well as a link to be able to play with it online at Until I’ve covered the decks I’ve already created online, every second day will be a review of one of them.

Today’s deck is the Blue and White Path to Victory Intro Deck from Magic 2013. Path to Victory is a very Creature-Heavy deck that focuses on sheer force in order to overwhelm your opponents. It’s a very aggressive deck that allows you to increase your number of creatures at a very fast rate as well as use those numbers to control your opponent with the deck’s focus card, Odric, Master Tactician.

Path to Victory

Each Path to Victory Intro Deck contains:

16 x Plains
8 x Island
1 x Evolving Wilds
3 x Ajani’s Sunstrike
2 x Arctic Aven
3 x Attended Knight
1 x Battleflight Eagle
1 x Captain of the Watch
2 x Chronomaton
1 x Courtley Provocateur
2 x Crusader of Odric
1 x Faerie Invaders
2 x Griffin Protector
2 x Healer of the Pride
1 x Odric, Master Tactician
1 x Serra Angel
3 x Silvercoat Lion
2 x Captain’s Call
2 x Divine Verdict
1 x Downpour
1 x Glorious Charge
1 x Oblivion Ring
1 x Ring of Thune
1 x Safe Passage
1 x Tricks of the Trade

Any Magic player will tell you that running with an unrevised intro deck for very long is unadvisable. You’ll probably want to continue to develop your own strategy, but some recommended additions/substitutions for this deck are:

Ajani, Caller of the Pride

Ajani is probably the Planeswalker addition for this deck. Simply, constantly buff your most valuable creatures and/or your strongest with +1/+1 counters using his +1 ability until you can safely summon his army of 2/2 Cat Creature tokens. Using this last ability in combination with Odric, at least one Healer of the Pride (using the ability multiple times), Crusader of Odric and/or a Griffin Protector is a sure-fire method for success.

Intrepid Hero

Have you ever heard of an ace in the hole? Well this fellow is yours against your opponents powerful creatures. He may summon as an incredibly weak 1/1, but thanks to cards such as Ajani’s +1 ability and Ring of Thune, he should have no problem putting up with your opponents damage. And if you’re ever in a pickle such as a pit fight, Ajani’s -3 ability or a Glorious Charge should give him a quick fix for something like a Pit Fight.

Moorland Haunt

As well as supplying you with some always needed mana, Moorland Haunt is perfect for using up your spare mana to transform your dead creatures into viable flyers. Definitely a strong addition, and perhaps one of the best additions you can make to this deck.


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