Codes and Ciphers – Difference between a Code and a Cipher

You’ve all probably at some point seen some form of cipher or code, whether it be in a movie or a book or some other such fictional media. Well, I’m very interested in Ciphers and codes and stuff, so I decided I’m gonna share some of them with you. Today I’m just going to explain to you the difference between a code and a cipher as a lot of people seem to think the two are synonymous and this is not the case.

To put bluntly in “Lay-man’s” terms, A code replaces the alphabet with symbols and stuff whereas a cipher changes stuff around and whatnot. For example, a caesar shift (moves every letter in the text by a number of places in the alphabet is a cipher, whereas the Templar code (google it) is a code (funny that considering the name).

So yeah, that’s it, pretty simple huh? It never ceases to surprise me how society manages to screw up the simplest of things.

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