Youtube Delayed (NOT GIVING UP!!!)

Ok, my Youtube channel is being delayed due to a shortage on funds. However, I’m not giving up this time, I’m actually saving money (slowly but surely) so I can actually build the computer I need. Right now I’m working on a Sphax Patch for TerraFirmaCraft, a massive overhaul Minecraft Mod, and online MTG (Magic: The Gathering) Decks. And I don’t meen decks on the videogame MTGO. I found a website that allows you to play with any cards you want and the table-top software is incredibly open so you can allow your mates to make a couple of mistakes or even play by your own rules and game-types. AND WITH ANY CARDS YOU WANT. Unfortunately you have to put each card (you can put a number of the same card in at once) in your collection and build a deck (which involves putting them all into the system again) or using someone else’s. You can use any card from any set or expansion. I’m going to be making any of the intro decks/official decks that I can find and create a small database so that people don’t have to build them all individually. Just follow the links once they’re up (I’m starting with Gatecrash). I think I covered everything I wanted to.

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