Boros Battalion Intro Deck

Just because I’m a massive lamo who has nothing better to do with his life, I’m posting this straight away. I’ve constructed the Boros Battalion deck to be used on (when/if you sign up there, putting en_dabuwya in the reference slot would be very much appreciated). The deck itself is actually quite good. I taught my friend how to play Magic on it and he thrashed me. Partially because my current deck needs reformatting and doesn’t do well against aggro decks, but it’s a good deck and easy to use effectively.

There are two links below, one uses Interstitial Advertising (5 second skip ad), one uses banner advertising which can just be skipped as soon as it opens. It would be very much appreciated if you could click the first link rather than the second. But if the first link doesn’t work or you don’t feel like waiting 5 seconds (seriously?), go ahead and click the second link.

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