Starting on YouTube

I know this probably sounds familiar, but I’m actually starting up a YouTube channel now. I have some money set aside for software and hardware and have my costs laid out. Thanks to some terrific YouTubers (spumwack in particular, check him out), I have the know-how to get started. All I need is recommended specs for running minecraft and FRAPS on decent settings. I can figure out how much it’ll cost (I have my ways), but I have no clue to the requirements. If anyone has any idea or know anyone that does, please let me know.

Now, in terms of content plans, I was thinking if starting with a couple of weekly series. Mabye tekkit and terrafirmacraft (spum has me hooked). It will definitely be just minecraft to start with. I’ll probably also do some tutorials of sorts (Mabye even on request). As for the distant future, I have some terrific creative ideas that I’d like to create and sell (really awesome stuff), but I haven’t the funds to do all of the necessary commissioning and prototyping and whatnot.

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