LOZCraft Updates

Ok, so since I haven’t been on the blog for a while, I haven’t shared any updates on the texture pack with you guys. I’ve updated the texture pack, I think, 3 times since I last posted about it on the blog, and there’s been some pretty big changes. For starters, the texture pack doesn’t currently support mods natively, and will no longer support everything natively (just simple stuff like CTM and Randomobs). Instead, I’m gonna release patches for different large mods, modders who’ve made lots of mods, tonnes of smaller mods etc. So, without further ado, here’s the updates you missed.

Update #22:

Updated Melon, Glistening Melon, and Cake Sprites. Added Boat Sprite. Added Redstone Wire, and Pumpkin/Melon Plant Textures. Updated Cobblestone, Stone, Stone Bricks, Cracked Stone Bricks, Mossy Stone Bricks, Mossy Stone, Coal Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Redstone Ore, Diamond Ore, and Netherbrick Textures. Added compatibility to Emerald Tools Mods, and my Dyeable Leather Armour Mod, coded by Phlofy.

Update #23:

Updated Mossy Cobblestone Texture. Added Ocelot, Cat and Magma Cube Textures. Updated Cow, Mooshroom, Spider, Cave Spider and Spider Eyes Textures.

Update #24:

Updated Tall Grass, Water, Circle Stone Brick, Enchanting table, Wool, and Emerald Block textures. Added Smoke, Hit mark, liquid leak, and critical hit particles. Updated lava glob particle. Updated logo, pumpkin vignette, map background. Added Book texture. Updated Sign texture. Added Map marker icon. Added Map GUI. Updated Chainmail Armour. Fixed CTM glass textures. Changing Mod Compatibility system from completely native support to patches. Massive Tekkit Update, done so much Railcraft stuff.

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