Redstone Armour – A Mod Request

So here is one of my first Minecraft Mod Requests. Not the first, as I have done many previously on Planet Minecraft, and you can find them there, but here is the first to reach the sands of my Blog.

A popular issue that I’ve come across is portable redstone power, I mean, you could set up a tonne of relays, but what’s the fun in that, it’ll just take forever. One might see a lot of Redstone related mods that involve armour, weapons, and compression. Today, I bring to you the concept of Redstone Armour that powers blocks around you while you wear it. The concept is simple, but I imagine the execution may be difficult. The idea I have in mind, as shown below, is that the boots will power what is below you (and this is any blocks you are touching, leggings will power any blocks that surround the lower half of your body, the chestplate will do the same for the upper half of your body, and the helm will power blocks above you.

I’ve already made all of the textures and sprites, which you can download below.

So, if you can make this mod, please do. If you can’t, and know someone who can, please send them a link to this page. And for everyone, if you have the time, please go to the Planet Minecraft Page here and diamond and favourite the page so the modders can find it and we can get an awesome mod.
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