LOZCraft – My Zelda Themed Minecraft Texture Pack

For the past 7 months or so, I’ve been working on a Zelda Themed Texture Pack for Minecraft called LOZCraft. Everything is themed after and either extracted straight from, or altered from The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. Multiple Game Specific Variations are planned, though the current version is much more general. I’ll be setting up a consistently updated page as soon as this post is up. You can download the Texture Pack here. It’s compatible with a lot of mods, here’s the only 1.3.1 mods:

Risugami’s Mods

Wouto1997’s Translucent Glass Mod

Here are some screenshots

What do I have left to do?


Redstone Repeater, Minecart, Chest Minecart, Furnace Minecart, Boat, Brewing Stand


I think I’m all done

Textures (terrain.png):

Pumpkin/Melon Plant, Cauldron


Background (I’m thinking of doing the deku tree or something


Blaze, Enderdragon, All Villagers, Possibly Spiders (they seem a bit plain), Creeper, Enderman, Ghast, Lava Cube, Zombie Pigman, Pig, Sheep, Silverfish, Slime, Snow Golem, Squid, Wolf, Zombie


Boat, Book, Minecart


All done


All done


All except pumpkin vignette

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