My YouAreMinecraft Participation

YouAreMinecraft was a Massive event with the participation of over 80,000 people, one of those being me. The basic gist is when you enter the server, you would type /start and it would teleport you to the end of the line and generate a default steve skin. Then, you would basically just build your skin from it. All physics were turned of for blocks so you could have outstretched arms of sand, and bodies of lava, fire, or water. My participation was my Enderbrine skin, which can be found here. I decided to add a few accessories to display the power of Enderbrine. You can download the map here, but there are, as I said, over 80,000 builds on it and I have no idea where mine is. So good luck, and if you find it, please tell me the coordinates so I can put it up here.

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